RN-BSN on-line, no classroom attendance

  1. I want to ask this question carefully, I am sure all of you have seen the banner ads that run at the top of the bullentin board, regarding RN-BSN, no classroom attendance, etc.
    I am a Canadian RN, doing distance degree completion. I called the university above that I am referring to and was made to feel rushed and hurried about "making up my mind, classes filling up quickly," "you don't have to attend, and you get the same degree as students on campus".

    I was sort of turned off by the agressive approach (but then I am Canadian!) and I wonder......anyone out there doing their degree by distance, with the Jacksonville University? If so, what is it like? I was told I could complete in less than two years.
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  3. by   chermor6
    I have heard they are pretty expensive. One quote I heard was $900.00 per class. I have also heard they are high pressure. Has anyone used any of the other education programs for RN's like the companies who do the local seminars and try to recruite new students? I am not sure of the names, but they do many direct mailings.
  4. by   kennedyj
    actually it really works. I am not sure for the ADN-BSN courses but can speak for earning a MSN or practitioner degree.

    From ADN-BSN you only have to do nonclinical courses (leadership, statistics, theory, community health (has a lab but you can do anywhere because you have a license) and a few others.

    To get a masters, I started out doing a few in class courses then moved to all online courses since I moved overseas. The online courses do not usually have written exams but If I had the chance I would prefer the written exams and inclass courses. They were much easier!
    You do a lot of clinicals but need a preceptor. You already have an RN license so you can do all that stuff under supervision anyways. If a cardiac doc authorizes you to perform a tripple bypass under his responsibility and under his license you moreless can do it.

  5. by   lalaxton
    I am originally from Montreal and did my ADN-BSN through St.Joseph's College in Maine. Wonderful people, very professional, not pushy, treated me like I was an experienced nurse going back to school. I have heard horror stories from other programs like Graceland where they are very pushy (call you at work and harrass you) and treat you like you are a new grad (having to start IV's at clinicals etc....) also very expensive. I chose St.Jo's over Regents (now Excelsior) as I was not comfortable with Regents test only program. St. Jo's was comparable in price to Regents but that was 5 years ago and I'm sure things have changed. You do have a clinical requirement that means you have to go to Maine for 3 weeks total in the summer (Geez that was REALLY hard to take, the campus is small but the setting is beautiful, on Lake Sebago). Clinicals were a breeze and I really enjoyed them. Many Canadian nurses have been through this program and they do not require you to get an independent company to certify your past education (as Regents required me to do, cost $125)
    I think their web page is http://www.sjcme.edu.

    One word of caution about those ads in Nursing journals for 'help' getting your BSN. Some of these services do not offer the course but simply offer study guides for Regents courses. When I investigated them I found them very expensive and not really worth it. Of course, make sure any program you look into is NLN (National Legue of Nursing) accredited. Your degree is worth nothing unless it is...