1. I am a junior BSN student and was wondering what personal rewards do you get from the nursing profession that keeps you going?:kiss
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  3. by   micro
    on a bad day, i know i have earned a paycheck

    but in general and why i, stated for myself am in nursing.....
    1) i am a people person
    2) i like using my abilities to help someone
    3) it is where my 'gift' is

    in this field you can make a difference, both technically and otherwise.....

    i believe in the holistic care of patients

    micro and out
  4. by   lioness
    Thank you for responding. It sounds like I have made right decission. I am a medical technologist now and I want to have more direct patient contact.
  5. by   sharann
    When I KNOW that I saved a patients life. Not the doctor (who wasn't there), but myself. I love taking care of people knowing that I may do at least one thing to make their hospital stay a bit easier or nicer (Or that they will just get out alive).
    Some patients are just plain mean (just as in the general population), but most see that you are there for them. Keep in mind that THEY are the ones without control.
  6. by   Sleepyeyes
    I believe nursing is a ministry that I was "called" to do.

    My work satisfies physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of my patients, and in so doing, links me spiritually to them and my God.
  7. by   renerian
    Hm. Good question.I just enjoy seeing people get better. I feel like I am fullfilling a calling of mankind which is to help my fellow brothers and sisters. Does that sound corny?

  8. by   lioness
    Thanks for the encouragement. I count not help notice your handle of rabble rouser. My father had that as his, he passed away one year ago, actually the reason that I went into nursing.
  9. by   live4today
    Hello lioness

    Welcome to allnurses!

    The personal rewards I get from being a nurse are seeing patients progress to their optimum level of care physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My being able to help patients improve from their admission status to their discharge status is a reward in and of itself for me. If the patients healthcare is not improving during their hospitalization, it's important for me to be there for them as I help them come to terms with their health situation and how to best manage it on their own once discharged from the hospital. Our hands are made for helping, so I enjoy using them for that purpose. My heart is made for loving others and being compassionate towards them when they need it, so I give of my heart as much as possible to others. :kiss

    I wish you luck in nursing school, and in another year, I wish you nothing but the best as a new graduate nurse.
  10. by   lioness
    Thank you for your words of encouragement.
  11. by   beckymcrn
    The rewards are many. I work in oncology. Many of my patients die. My rewards are when I can help a patient die with diginity and peacefully without the terrible pain cancer can cause. My rewards are in a smile of a dying patient when all I can do for them is straighten a pillow or help them position themself. My rewards are from family members who say "thank you", and patients who ask for me when I am not in my clinic. But most of all the best reward is running into a family member some time after a patients death and they remember my name and offer a hand and a smile.

    I can think of a few specific times when I felt truely rewarded. One was from a family member of a leukemia pt who spent many months on our floor, I ran into her almost a year after her fathers death and she remembered me and thanked me for helping her father die in peace. Another was a complete surprise to me. I reported to work shortly after Christmas in my usual manner ready for report sitting on the table was a small gift with my name on it. I was surpised to find this gift was for me. As I opened the card the gift was from the family of a patient who died of ovarian cancer. This patient truely was close to my heart (thinking about her now brings a lump in my throat) The family told me how much the patient thought of me and gave me a little nurse Christmas ornament I will treasure forever.

    The rewards can be many when nursing is not only a job but a part of who you are.
  12. by   lioness
    Your words touch me, and what you say is what I am looking for. I can only hope for such rewards!
  13. by   renerian
    Lioness your completely right nursing is my essence......

  14. by   CMERN
    Rewards: ?
    1) seeing Gods miracles when doctorshave given up.
    2) A little old white haired ladies smile when you place warm blankets around her cold tired hurting legs.
    3) The sigh of relief from a mother as you administer breathing treatments thet bring her chlds O2 sats back to normal and the wheezing softens and leaves.
    4) the calmness that over rides endless talking of the so called "altered Mental Status" old man whos family brings in agitated, Who just seems to calm with your listening to him even though he speaks of past people and things that are real to him,
    Just 4 small examples... of the rewards. Thank our Lord cause the labor is long