Returning to work while caring for son with psychosis

  1. I quit my position as RN in charge of a small LTC centre a year ago due to stress depression and high blood pressure all work related.I was hoping to return to part-time work but my 15 year old son has been diagnosed with early childhood schizophrenia.He has had 2 relapses in the past 4 months , the last requiring hospital admission.He can longer attend mainstream schooling and has to commence distance education.I am a single parent with no immediate family nearby for support and rely upon a friend for support, when things are difficult.Am hoping that there is someone out there who has managed to return to the workforce under difficult circumstances with success,who can offer some advice.I feel like I'm treading water at times.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Contact the National Alliance of the Mentally ILL (NAMI) they have an excellent website. Also -you are probably aware of the FAE law (free and appropriate education). In a nutshell, the school district MUST (no excuses) provide your son a free and appropriate education. If these means bussing him to a different school district, them paying for out of district placement, even residential care, its on them. Does your son have an IEP - individual education plan?? If I can help further, please PM me.
  4. by   NewEnglandRN
    I am in a similar position with my 14 year old son; I was also employed by our local NAMI for three years to help parents whose children have been diagnosed with early onset mental illness.

    Please feel free to send me a PM.