1. I am so clueless on what to write in my resume or even how to set it up - all those resumes programs don't seem to fit nursing.


    PS Who do you pick as your references - your manager or your best friend? Or the NP you know?
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    We had a few hospital human resource people come and talk to us at the beginning of the semester. She showed us a few templates, and I based my resume off of one of the ones I liked better. Its on my website, (click the blackboard with resume written on it), and you are welcome to look at the template to see if it can give you any ideas. the spacing is a little weird on the webpage, it the content and outline is there.

    For references, i would not use your best friend.
    Pick people who can speak about different aspects of you. Like, character, work quality, motivation, etc.

    If they happen to be in the nursing field, that is even better.

    There are also many sites on resumes, and you might try searching for "nurse resume" and see what others have done.

    It can be a little tough in the beginning, but once you find a style you like, its easier

    Good luck!
  4. by   nur20
    Personal Profile...Professional Profile...Education....Experience.... References.....Have no gaps in your work history or explain why....References from someone in your field that has known you for a while is always good.....Keep it short, i page if possible.I usually add,Community services, recognitions,Awards etc.....
  5. by   canoehead
    I use references on request, but knowing the policy of our hospital to just confirm that you are eligible for rehire when I get their request for names I also send in a copy of my most recent job evaluation with an explanation of why I thought they might like to see it.