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Okay. update on my daughter. The psych. started her on Adderall. She was on it for about 5 days and it made her WILD!!Even more than she already is. She was totally out of control. So we stopped... Read More

  1. by   RNpupil

    is indeed helpful to a lot of psych patients and its also used for sleep. It works right away I've seen.
  2. by   JulieBean2U
    Lynn- I really feel for you. My son is now 13 and just came home in Novenber after spending 3 years living in a residential PMIC program for children. He was hearing voices, telling him to hurt himself, told me that sometimes he would stand over me while I was sleeping and want to hurt me, and countless other nightmare things. He has been on darn near everything. Ritalin, Adderall. Paxil, Effexor, and was finally diagnosed with ADHD, and schizoeffective disorder. He is now on Lithobid, Clozapine, and Depakote. He falls asleep all the time in school unless I give him Mountain Dew for breakfast. He sleeps so hard at night that he has to be on DDAVP for bedwetting. We have managed to get his symptoms under control, but at the price of new ones. I used to feel like a pushy nurse when I asked too many questions and wanted rationale for medication use, along with time to research it myself before consenting to it's use. Now I know from experience that sometimes drugs aren't fully understood by those who try to prescribe them, and sometimes used indescriminately out of carelessness. Advocate for your child, and when you have to, roar like the mother bear!!! Best of luck to you.
  3. by   lynn1967
    I am just so paranoid about using this. I am considering trying it and seeing how she does with it, watching her VERY closely. She actually did say that she figured it was from the Adderall but that the Risperdal would help calm her down in school-which is one of the major problems. She did suggest Depakote at our previous visit, which actually sounds alot safer to me!!!
  4. by   lynn1967
    You know what..........SCREW THAT!!!!!...............I refuse to put my daughter on a medication that I have to be scared to death to give her!!! HOW FU*&^%^ING ridiculous is that? She did have a previous appointment with her pediatrician for tommorow (we had that appt. before the psychiatrist appt.) and I think I will keep that appt. and ask my pediatrician about what she recommends. I have enough worries without worrying about whether my daughter will develop neuromalignant syndrome or tardive dyskinesia for petes sake!!!
  5. by   lynn1967
    Okay, just for the record, I meant screw the medication, not you guys advice!! Just wanted to make that clear!Thanks for all the helpful replies!~
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    Caution!! In the UK Rispiridal (Respiridone) is not reccommended to children under 15years old.
    Source. British National Formulary(BNF) which is produced by the British Pharmaceutical Society.
  7. by   2amigos
    Oh geeze, now ya'll have me concerned. I have a 12 yo daughter that is on Risperdal 0.75 BID along with bunches of other meds... She was under the care of a shrink (no disrespect intended, just easier to spell) for 8 years before we moved here.... no one here in the state will see her as she is MR and non-verbal and...
    I think I need to check into all of her meds now.
    Cheryl M
  8. by   nimbex
    carol, I don't recall why your daughter was started on the adderal, I'm assuming ADD. My 15 yr. old, 13 at the time was diagnosed with add, the adderal made her very hyper. then psycosis set in with the use of paxil, for depression, then risperidol was added for that.

    We found out, this year, now 15, that she is Bipolar, Bipolar shows many symptoms similar to ADD, but the stimulant in adderal sends them over the edge, so does ANY anti depressant... which did in my daughters case.

    I did all this with the psyc. doc..... it is a course of trial and error... just like blood pressure meds.... Difference is that a trained professional does multiple screening tools with your daughter, you and teachers to determine the right diagnosis.

    If the general MD just goes by what you as a parent sees, they miss what is really going on INSIDE your child... that's why so much mis diagnosis occurrs.

    Do not let people scare you off meds!!!!! You would give her tylenol for headache.... BP meds for hypertension despite their terrible side effects.... children with mental illness ARE SUFFERING and deserve meds to stabalize them with the help of a therapist to learn coping skills to function in life.

    my thoughts and prayers go out to you as I'm going through this myself. Please buy many books and keep reading on multiple mental illnesses..... they are invaluable

  9. by   adrienurse
    Risperidol 0.75mg BID for a child. I'm not a peds nurse, but that seems like a lot. My geriatric clients are rarely given more than 0.5mg BID. One of the interesting (and counterintuitive) things about risperidol is that sometimes people will actually do better on a smaller dose as opposed to a larger dose.