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  1. Sequus Pharmaceuticals 800 375 1658 products include amphotec, doxil

    Serono Labs 781 982 9000 products include metrodin

    Simthkline Beecham 800 546 0420
    Access to Care program
    1 Franklin plaza FP 1320
    PO Box 7929
    Philadelphia, PA 19101-7929
    products inlcude amoxil, augmentin, bactroban, compazine, dyazide, famvir, kytril, relafen, riduara, most other products

    Tap Pharmaceuticals 800 453 8438 products including lupron

    Wyeth-Ayerst Labs
    Indigent Patient program:
    John E James
    professional services IPP
    555 East Lancaster Ave
    St. Davids, PA 19087 various products

    Zeneca Pharmaceuticals 800 424 3727 products inlcude arimidex, casodex, zoladex

    Ok that's it folks. I really have obtained meds for patients through some of these programs. Some of the info might be outdated, if it's a program I have not dealt with for awhile.

    And just because the med you are seeking for a patient is not listed here does NOT mean it might not be a product that can be obtained. My list is not comprehensive by any means.

    There is usually a 5 dollar cost for a 3 month supply of meds once they qualify to cover shipping costs. It can be a pain to get them into a program to start with. but once in, they can get their refills every 3 months without having to complete all the paperwork again. They usually will not ship directly to the patient, but to their doctors office. The office can then call the patient and let them know to pick up their medications.

    Seniors that have medications coverage, but, say for example, they capped out prior to the end of the year can usally get their meds through these programs.

    Hope I didn't drive anyone crazy with these a time when I felt I wasn't helping patients as much as I could, getting their prescription medications for them at no cost or lower cost was one of the times when I felt i did help! It's worth the hassle. And once you do it, you get the hang of how to do it more easily......

    And I updated page 1 to describe the process a little more clearly.

    Forgive any typos.
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  3. by   jenac
    I have actually dealt with Tapp and Mereck recently for a resident who has no insurence and pays privately for his meds ($500 a MONTH before Pt. assistence programs like the ones you have listed)

    The only thing I'd like to add is that some of the Companies you have listed (I know Tapp and Mereck) will only send the meds to the Dr., who than has to forward this to the patient. Small thing- but one Dr. had a fit about it. Best to know in advance.
  4. by   Achoo!
    Wisconsin now has a website if people choose to order meds form Canada.