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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am in the process of writing a resignation for my PRN job due to personal issues. I have been employed there for about 3 months. I have a shift tomorrow, then I am not back for another 5 weeks. Is it acceptable to write my resignation after I complete tomorrow, and have that as my last day? They require a two week notice. Since I'm not back for another 5 weeks I feel like that would suffice but I'm not sure. Any opinions welcome.
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  3. by   chare
    If it were me, I would still provide the standard "...submitting my resignation effective..." and ensure that you have given two weeks notice from the date of submission, even though your next scheduled shift is five weeks away. As always, there is no need to elaborate on your reasons for leaving, and it is always appropriate to thank them for the opportunities they have provided.

    Best wishes as you move forward.
  4. by   HeySis
    Make sure you resign in writing and give it to your DON or HR person (or make copies and give one to each). You can give it to them at anytime, do include two weeks notice, stating the last day you are available (even though you are not scheduled).

    It can be simple and sweet.

    I am writing to give two weeks notice, I will be resigning my position as a (fill in the blank). My last day of employment will be on (place the date). I appreciate the opportunity to have worked for your organization. Sincerely,

    You don't have to go into details, but don't be surprised if someone asks, they should ask to make sure it wasn't a failure of training, process or work conditions that lead to your leaving. Feel free to say, "I'm leaving for personal reasons." you don't have to tell what those reasons are.
  5. by   shelw067
    Thank you.