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I worked at a satellite facility comprised of 2 psych units: child & adolescent and adult. On 3/3/05, our main hospital abruptly and with less than 2 days warning, closed the kids' unit. It had been... Read More

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    I hesitate to ask this question because I do not want to start up another debate, but I am very much curious. If you are with a strong union, are they able to protect you from some of these reorganizations and downsizings? Do they at least force the hospital to give a more adequate notice, or are even the strongest of unions unable to do anything about this? I hope I don't cause a hijacking of this thread.
    I live in a small town/rural area of Northwest Indiana and we weren't unionized. Some of us wanted to investigate it further, but we were told: Catholic hospitals don't unionize; unions were only for "problem areas" (Gary, Indianapolis); there aren't any "nurse unions" (Nurses employed at the steel mills are in the steel workers' unions, there's AFSCME and SEIU, and I've heard of the Teamsters representing nurses). After a while, we got the hint, especially after vague rumors floated down from HR that it would be "frowned upon": nothing on paper, of course.
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    I was working PRN at Charter Behavioral when they closed... I think it was 50 hospitals. I was ready to get out anyway, but patients had to be discharged or transferred.
    Some of my former coworkers had been at the 2 Charter hospitals in the area and they got the ax big time Some of them waited years to get whatever wages were do them. After this latest rude event, several of them talked about getting out of hospital nursing entirely.