Remote Private Practices nonexist?

  1. Are remote or rural private practice physicians nonexistant now? Has all the physicians gone in with a group of some kind for malpractice insurance coverage purposes?
    I would like to find a clinic job for a nurse, in a rural/remote area in the USA.....where it is just one or two physicians providing care for a whole they even exist? Any input would be greatly appreciated.... I've been an LPN for 23 years and now working on my RN degree through a distance learning program, but I am getting so burnt out on the "group practices", to the point of wanting to get out of nursing all together. Sometimes I feel like the medical profession has forgotten about taking care of people, it seems to be all about "making the numbers look good". I enjoy putting in a hard days work taking care of patients...but some days it seems to be the farthest thing from that......Paperwork is not always my friend.... ...ok, thanks for letting me vent.....back to work tomorrow.
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  3. by   sjoe
    They are not nonexistent, but decreasing in number (like small, independent book stores or hardware stores) across the country.

    They also usually pay VERY little, unless they are highly specialized--such as plastic surgery in a remote, wealthy community (like some skiing towns in Colorado, for example).

    In order to find what you are looking for, you'd have to just be at the right place at the right time, i.e. when a small practice recently lost their only RN employee is looking for a replacement. A very small practice would also need this RN to do a lot of the back-office work (paperwork, billing, sweeping the floor, ordering supplies, etc.) that might not be encountered in a larger facility.

    Since what you are looking for would be small, they would not be hiring very many people, or very often, nor would they usually have a big budget for finding such a person (so they would be hard for YOU to find, in turn).

    I'd suggest you stop in at some nearby, small, rural pratices and see what the docs (if they have time), or nurse staff there might advise you.

    Check with your state medical association to see what they would suggest.
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  4. by   cactus wren
    I live in a rural area. Several of our docs has single practices. One even still makes house calls....he`s a darling, but getting a bit long in the tooth. The only trouble I see in your search, is that his office staff have worked for many,many years...with no turnover.The rest of our docs either have partners, or have consulants that come up once a week from the big city. Good luck on your search....if that`s what you want, you`ll find it....but, it may take a bit of searching.
  5. by   P_RN
    Check with the medical schools. Often a graduate MD has to repay loans by working in rural areas. See if you can get a list of those clinics. They don't stay very long and soon here comes the next one. If you are in the west chceck the Native American Medical sites. My favorite job was with a country doctor!! He stayed with us for 30 years.
  6. by   emily_mom
    We had a husband and wife team that had an independent office here for 27 years. They are both retiring 4/1. I saw them when I was a child and never trusted them. They gave me antibiotics when I played sick. They gave me samples (with no education) which affected my birth control....enter Emily. We call them the "voo-doo docs" in town....
  7. by   Roozeyk
    The clinic I am currently working in has 11 attendings, 12 Resident Physicians, 2 APN's and Midwife. Although the experience and teaching is good, and I've learned a lot, I just feel frustrated by the "institutionalized" feeling it has, sort of like the patient is a "number" not a I guess I'm just looking for something a little smaller.....but I take it, that the staff that are at those smaller clinics, like it also...can't say I blame them.