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  1. did anyone else read about Ma. trying to pass a law regulating the amount of money an agency nurse makes? Brilliant idea! not enough nurses so lets cap their salary. It has been snuck in some other bill that has passed in the house and now just needs senate approval, or visa a versa. something about but paying medicare and medicaide entitles them to cap salarys. I am so angry and I dont even work agency, whats next?? capping all salary to save money? Our VP of nursing is quoted as saying she supports the bill!!! I say cut her salary!!!!
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  3. by   ratchit
    I had heard that was done for agency nurses in Minnesota, either particularly or exclusively for long term care facilities. I'm in New England and haven't heard anything about this being done in MA.

    Interestingly, Jesse Ventura is in the hospital with a PE. I don't wish him harm, but it would be nice if he saw the effect of nursing shortage first hand and saw that nurses should be able to earn whatever the market will bear and stop Minnesota's state-regulated wage plan there. But he's probably getting VIP treatment and thinks it's like that everywhere.
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    Federal law allows caps made on payments by the gov't for health care services rendered. But that doesn't mean the gov't should be allowed to dictate what wage nurses receive in any setting.

    I understand that you may not charge a gov't payer any more than you charge any other payer. (That was the whole issue with $800 toilet seats being bought by the Pentagon back in the '80's.) BUT, if the free market bears a nurse making any amount of money, then that's capitalism at work, and rightfully so.
  5. by   shannonRN
    i say cut the suits money....$300,000/year....hmmm i think $100,000 would be very helpful in paying for more nurses.......just my opinion!
  6. by   OC_An Khe
    Its been tried before and has been been defeated in other states. You (we all) need to be politically active and contact your representatives your opposiition to the Bill. If you don't you can bet the only people that the politicians hear from will be the organization that support the Bill, like the one your CNO belongs too. In the past some hospitals have used JCAHO to keep agency RNs out of hospitals, when they became too expensive, thus keeping pressure on RN wages down. Same objective here.
    I beleive Gov. Ventura was oppossed to this type of Bill when it was defeated in MN.