Regis College NP (got in) vs BC (40/60 chance and wait a year)

  1. Dilemma:
    Interested in Regis College (got in) and the world-known BC (have to wait a year). They both offer non nursing bachelors a direct entry to become a PMHNP in 2-3 years.

    Program Description
    -Both are fall start only.
    -Regis takes 3 years but I could start right away and wouldn't need housing. Likely unable to defer acceptance.
    -BC takes 2 years but I'd need housing & I'd hold out a year for the "chance" to get in, might not even get in...they're very competitive (especially in Psychiatric).

    For 2017, I only applied to Regis...all other deadlines had passed...but I got in!

    So if you were me (credentials below) would you ... (& why)

    1) attend Regis College, work your ass off and become a PMHNP by age 28. (If I want to beef up the resume I can get a DNP or certification in a big name school)
    2) Hold out a year for the chance of Boston College taking 1 more prereq, knowing I might not get in and just end up losing a year.

    Thanks guys!

    top 25-30 undergrad university
    GRE: Above 75th percentile in All 3 Sections (quant,verbal,writing)
    GPA 3.2
    Goal: private practice as a Psychiatric NP

    Sidenote- plenty of ambivalence regarding whether school matters or not due to the shortage of NP's, especially in Psychiatric care. I've been out of school for 3ish years and I'm so excited to go back and do something I'm passionate about. Just unsure which path to follow to get there.
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  3. by   southshore2014
    Hi Keto,

    Any update on what you ended up doing?