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Do I have the right to refuse the TB skin test? I work at two places and it seems like between them I'm getting a TB test every 6 months, one won't take the other's results, I am tired of it and I... Read More

  1. by   Myxel67
    When I worked Respiratory/HIV, test was required q 6 months. I do live in a higher risk area. Since I no longer work Respiratory, test only once a year now.
  2. by   neneRN
    Work ER, we're tested every 6 months...I submit to it, have seen way too many cases where we've already been treating pt for several hours, and then CXR comes back suspicious and pt is put on iso or even worse, treated the pt for their whole ER visit and then get a call from infection control in the next day or two with concerns about pt TB status.