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Hello everyone, I know a woman that's going to school for nursing and and I asked her if she was going to work in a LTC to gain a little experience and her reply was "I'm going to be an RN and... Read More

  1. by   JennieBSN
    Now, now...P_RN and Chatty Nurse....let us not hold any ill will against TonchitoRN, the nurse who is above butt-wiping...

    Let us instead hope that one day, SHE is the patient who has to lie stewing in a nice steamy pile of her own excrement while she waits on a nurse JUST LIKE HER to find an aide to come wipe her butt, as RN's are 'above' such vile tasks....I'm sure she will not mind the bile seeping into her burning decubitus, as she will understand that her nurse is simply trying to avoid soiling her precious uniform or breaking a nail.

  2. by   CarolineRn
    kday... I am ROFLMAO!!! You're eloquence in expressing just what so many of us are thinking is perfect!!
  3. by   MRed94
    Let me add my two cents:

    Today, I had a 4th semester ADN student following ME, Ms. Lowly LPN....

    I felt extremely proud, knowing that the unit supervisor wanted ME, LPN, AGENCY, and DAMN GOOD ALL AROUND NURSE, to have a student following me.

    We went into a room to give meds during breakfast. There was a CNA in the room feeding the roommate, and of course, happened to note a very FOUL odor in the room, hovering over the patient we were giving meds to.

    I immediately set the meds on the bedside table, as this patient is a tube-feeder, and we needed her head up. I asked the student to stay with the patient, and I went and got all the supplies I needed to change the patient......and this was a MESS!!!

    The student, who had never been a CNA or given this kind of care (in her 4th semester???) asked me what I was doing.....

    I said, "WE are going to change this patient so we can give her meds and feed her. She needs to be comfortable, and after all, THAT is part of our Job." She looked at me like I was nuts, but did pitch in.

    I was proud of her. After this was done, we notified the CNA who was responsible for the patient, and the CNA thanked us profusely.....She still isn't used to me helping out, I am one of the few NURSES who helps them.

    Seems to me that some of the students aren't getting the experience that will keep them humble...

    I just earned a bunch of brownie points with that CNA, and she will be more willing to help me if I help her.

    I have always felt that I haven't been at work or done my job if I don't have a bunch of nasty spots on my uniform at the end of the day. Confirms the fact that I have, indeed, done my job today.

    Get real. ALL aspects of patient care for ALL patients are all of our jobs, no matter what level of nursing we are!

    Just my Humble opinion.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    KDAy and MRed94: You beat me to the punch, my sentements exactly! You mis TONS of info by not doing HANDS ON PERSONAL care. Can't tell you the number of decubitus/foot ulcers I have found after other RNS admitted the patient to home care but never looked beneth diaper or socks. One diabetic client with new AKA , checked pulses in L foot, removed sock and found hard dark heel; wife soaking heel in hot water to " soften it " and putting on lotion"---1 month later, L BKA ,,,,grrrrrrrr.

    Be willing to work with you guys any day.
  5. by   Zee_RN
    Gawd, people amaze me.

    I am an ICU nurse. You may admit that ICU is a highly specialized place requiring highly specialized skills. Today I did some things that provided me with great job satisfaction:

    (1) I brushed my patient's teeth
    (2) I shaved my patient's 3-day-old beard
    (3) I cleaned up blood and POOP

    My patient was immensely grateful. He kept saying "I will reward you; you are a beautiful person, etc. ." I kept telling him that knowing he was more comfortable was all I needed (he had cancer everywhere and now he had an MI). I mixed him his "coke-and-chocolate-milk" cocktail (hey, he liked it). His family was beyond grateful for my care. I also titrated his dopamine and levophed drips. I managed his complex fluid requirements. I analyzed his rhythm strips and urine output. I reviewed his labs and notified nephrologist and cardiologist of important findings. I consulted with Dietitician and IV team. Many other things I can't remember. And took care of my other ICU patient...

    If you think being an RN is too highly specialized to wipe butts, then you are not qualified to work in ICU; we need nurses who do nursing care.
  6. by   Stormy
    I agree. There is no other way to assess your patient than to do his care - his TOTAL care! How can you be a nurse without looking after the total needs of your patient? And no, you could never work in ICU. We don't have slaves, nor would any of us want slaves, to care for our patients!
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    Bravo!!! I don't really have to add anything more as I believe that it has all ready been covered!

    I am an RN and have never considered myself to be above butt wiping and never will!
  8. by   JennieBSN
    girl, whatcha doin' hanging around here on your birthday???!!??

    aren't you and your hubby supposed to be naked, dangling from the light fixtures, covered in salad oil or something?? :d

    happy b-day, chick!!