Quick question about orientation.

  1. OK so I just got a job at a LTC facility. This will be my first job as a nurse since graduating so I don't know what to expect (LPN by the way). Anyway they just told me what time to be there and street clothes would be fine. I am just curious what I will be doing. Will it pretty much just be filling out paper work? Should I bring anything with me? I was thinking at least a notebook and pen just in case they give me info but other then that I don't know. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   AllSmiles225
    I also am a new LPN graduate and have a job in a LTC facility. When I was hired for orientation they told me the same thing "street clothes are fine". I did bring a notebook and a pen and also a copy of my BLS card in case they needed/didn't have it yet. The basic orientation was just a mash of all the new people hired including supervisors, LPNs, and CNAs just to go over basic facility policy/codes and who was to respond to them.. I wouldn't get to worried about a basic orientation. The notebook and pen should be just fine especially if they didn't ask you to bring anything special. Also remember when you are becoming oriented to the unit most facilities will try to get you out on the floor as quickly as possible by yourself--and being all alone is a lot different than being in school so make sure that you feel CONFIDENT before you let them schedule you by yourself. Good luck on your orientation and as you open the door to your new nursing career!
  4. by   gma85
    Thank you so much! That helps to ease my nerves tremendously I will make sure I feel confident before they send me out on my own! Thanks again!

    God Bless!
  5. by   changeofpaceRN
    I had to watch about 10 different exciting 1970's videos on multiple topics on top of hearing about their policies.. just bring a notebook to be safe but you'll need something like coffee to help you stay awake
  6. by   NewRN2008
    i brought paper and pen with me to mine, you never know what they are going to give you.
    be prepared
  7. by   gma85
    Well everything went great! I was probably overly prepared but it all worked out and I am very excited Everyone is soooo friendly and helpful! I have a nice wing with only 24 residents so that sounds really nice compared to some people having 30-40 that I have heard of. Anyway thank you for all of the answers to my post!