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  1. Meds that would be rough on veins (irritating if given through peripheral IV) can be given through a central line right?)
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  3. by   neetnik461
    Depends on the medicine. Some meds that are rough on the veins can also be rough and corrosive on a central line. I'm thinking of Dilantin inparticular. Our hospital policy is no Dilantin through central lines unless there is absolutely no peripheral access (d/t fact that the alkaline nature of Dilantin can corrode the line itself). On the other hand irritating meds like potassium are infused through a central line and can be given in more concentrated amounts than in a peripheral line.

    As a matter of fact, Dilantin is the only med I know of that is considered off limits for a central line.
  4. by   nuangel1
    its not a med but ct scan die cannot be given thru central line either due to the high pressure its given under.potassium is irritating to periph iv but is ok thru cl.