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well for anybody that has any experience or answers to my questions about travel nursing, i would appreciate it. :) #1 - i know most places (from what i have heard) are looking for travel nurses... Read More

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    thanks swm

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    Hi Rick:

    I found an interesting website that is another BB with feedback about traveling. It is put together by a fellow traveler who gives candid comments and those by the writers. Here tis:

    I am in the process of looking for a short term contract (4 weeks) in the Denver Metro Area. The agency HPO has poppped up several times as a good one for short term travel. I see they have a home office in Ohio. Here is their link:

    Let me know what you think.... B.

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    thanks bonnie!!!! :d

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    I have found a great travel company. I have a friend that traveled on short assignments to CA with Nationwide Nurses Travel Professionals. The pay was great and the personal attention was unmatched. I am sure they would have something in or around the Denver area. They would be worth checking out. Contact them @ for more information. Good Luck!!
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    what else do you kow about them? anything east?

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    I will let you know how they sound...

    Rick... I talked to someone @ HPO... they were upfront with what they could provide... it did not sound better then what I have with my PRN Agency..... pay wise etc.... I am looking for someone who could be appropriate and give me the perdiem allowance the government allows for... no strings... I am commuting 260 mile one way each week to come to Denver.... Anyhoo... they were upfront and we cut to the They may be just find for you though... so check them out...

    One thing I have found... many of the agencies I have talked to (in particular for short term contracts... i.e. 4 weeks) they want you to work 48 hours! Ouchy.... short term of that is about all I could handle.... again.. just FYI...

    Later gator
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    48 hrs? that will not happen here.....unless i am desperate. i am not doing it for the moiney either. if the pay is similar, with housing etc.....i would probably take it. we'll see...........i'm not speaking to soon here. i will figure out something though!

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    I am talking about the travel company paying directly for your accomodations plus your wages... Agency wages..... I make $ 31 to 33 per hour and they quoted the same rate plus... My drawback was I want mileage and or per diem compensation. So.. I bet you would be way ahead.... B.
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    ok wel? maybe i am asking alot of you here bonnie? but........................maybe you can pm/email me how it is you figure this stuff out? i'm thinking you have amounts, limits etc set in your mind and all......when you try to set something up? maybe i'm wrong? let me know?


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    originally posted by cen35

    what else do you kow about them? anything east?

    i know they have assignments in maine. i don't know what else. this company nwntp will market a certain area for you if they don't have something, after they know your specialty and more details about what you are looking for. i have never worked for a company that would do that, you usually have to pick from what they already have. nwntp go that extra mile!! call toll free @ 1-866-83-nurse.
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    thanks kappy....