Questions about Hep B vaccination administration...

  1. When you give a pt the first in the series of Hep B vaccinations, do they need to stay around the clinic/unit for awhile to see if they have any kind of reaction to it?

    We have recently given a few pts the first shot in their series, and then let them go home 5 mins later.

    I didn't find any info on this when I googled it, my drug book doesn't say anything about it, and we have no policy where I work.
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  3. by   karenG
    we tend to ask the patient to hang around for 10 mins following any vacc. more to make sure theyre ok! dont think its written down any where. If your thinking about avoiding anaphylaxis then consider that a patient can have an anaphylatic reaction to Jap. B. encephalitis vacc up to 6 weeks after its been given!!!! we dont give it for that reason!! we sent them to a specialist travel centre- let them take the risk!!!