Question - help?!?!

  1. Hi!

    My name is Lynn and I am a nurse wanna be!

    Has anyone ever heard of The Academy of Nursing? It is a division of Excelsior College in New York. They have a nursing school where I live and I am trying to find out if anyone has ever heard of them, or knows anything about them. I desperately want to become an RN and because of various factors ?regular? college is not right for me. The Academy of Nursing is strictly a nursing school; it is not a regular college. I am very worried that I will go there, spend a small fortune (tuition is $17K) and never be able to get a decent job because of where I got my education.

    ANY thoughts would be much appreciated!!

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  3. by   sharann
    I have heard of them, but distance ed is not my thing. I went the ADN route. I am pretty sure however, that if you pass the state boards (NCLEX) a hospital or wherever won't really care where you went to school. I am not positive though.
  4. by   DelGR
    Is it an approved Nation League for Nursing school? They could tell you that.
  5. by   lynn10ee
    They are accredited by the NLNAC. I don't really know exactly what that means though.

    Thank you so much!

    Any information that I can gather is so appreciated!

  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i haven't heard of this school, but i do wish you all the best.
  7. by   sjoe
    You could always stop by the Nurse Recruiter office in a couple of nearby hospitals and ask them about this. Would they care one way or another whether you went to that school or any other nursing school? What kind of credentials would they want the school to have? What would be the difference to them whether you has an ADN, diploma, or BSN? How would any of this affect your career/pay/promotions/etc.?
  8. by   christianRN
    I've never heard of the Academy of Nursing, but I graduated from Excelsior COllege, and I've never had a second question about where I went to school. THe license says it all!!!! Just make sure graduates of that academy are elgilble to sit for boards in your state.
  9. by   lynn10ee
    Thank you all so much for the great feedback and ideas. I like the idea of stopping by a few hospitals to see what they think. I'm also glad to hear from someone who has graduated from Excelsior College. The way they explained it to me was that my degree would actually be from Excelsior, but the schooling would be done through The Academy of Nursing. I am going to set up an appointment with them next week so I can get more of my many questions answered. In the meantime I am going to find out what I can from local hospitals.

    Again, thank you all so much! WHEN (not IF) I start nursing school I will be posting here often!