question for nurses in the northwest

  1. I live in the middle Tennessee area, working with my ASN for about 3 years now. I didn't have any problem getting a job, and I know in general the whole ASN vs. BSN thing is pretty much a non-issue to most employers around here. I'm aware that it is in some areas though.

    I've been very seriously considering moving to the Portland/Seattle area in the next year or two and I was wondering if the ASN/BSN thing is a big deal in that part of the country. I plan on getting my BSN soon, but I'm debating on just getting it here before I even move, or trying to move and establish residency then get it somewhere else.

    Any thoughts from people that live in that area would be appreciated.
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  3. by   orla
    Having a BSN definitely seems to matter in the Seattle area, especially if you are looking to apply to hospitals that maintain or are pursuing magnet certification since part of that certification requires these hospitals be aiming for 80% BSN prepared staff. There are many BSN programs in this area, so employers can be choosy but I will say that I think being a non-new grad male nurse works to your benefit. That said, I know we have had many senior practicum students or CNAs that attended ADN programs that were not offered a position d/t the lack of BSN.

    Hope that helps, good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. by   nurse.j.
    Myself with at least half of my group I went through residency with were all hired at my hospital with ADNs. There are plenty of jobs in WA that don't require a BSN or hospitals that will hire you with an ADN as long as you are planning on pursuing your BSN within 'x' amount of years.