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So, if you work say 3 12 hour shifts and have 4 days off.. on your days off do you stick to sleeping during the day and being up at night? That would seem weird, (1) because you would never see the... Read More

  1. by   nurse_clown
    [font="comic sans ms"][color="gray"]i've been working night shift for a while. i also love my days off so i can sleep at night too. i love sleeping at night. but when i work and sometimes i work ten nights in a row when i cover vacations, look forward to sleeping during the day. i take vitamins on the nights i work. i also take a b-complex vitamin when i work. when i have the day off, i don't take my vitamins. on the day of my night shift, i do a lot of stuff that morning and relax during the afternoon and maybe take a nap.
    i love working the night shift. i'm more relaxed and focused during the night. i can't stand the day shift because i hate waking up so early. it hurts. and i'm so grumpy.
    the thought of working a day shift makes me shudder
  2. by   moongirl
    thank you all for your tips and info! I appreciate it!