Question for my fellow nurses!

  1. Two weeks ago I applied for internal transfers to the MICU and the ED at the hospital I work at. Two days in I got a call for and interview in the MICU and I had the interview today. I called and emailed to follow up with the ED and never heard anything back until I was on my way from my interview today. I didn't mention the ED application in my other interview because I honestly didn't expect to hear from them. I just got offered the job in the MICU and I had to tell the nurse manager the situation. She said to keep her posted and I assured her that I would call her directly after my interview with the ED in the morning. I just feel really bad and unprofessional for not mentioning it, but like I said I had called and emailed and never heard anything back. I'm a little worried that the MICU off could be taken off the table. Am I overreacting?
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  3. by   Altra
    Unfortunately, yes, it's possible this could come back to bite you. It's hard to play the proverbial "both ends against the middle" when you're job hunting within the organization.

    Hope everything works out the way you want it to.
  4. by   All4NursingRN
    while it would've been best NOT to mention ED to MICU or vice versa, I don't think you'll definitely get axed over it. Besides alot of managers talk to each other anyway soooo. If anything it's more honorable to let MICU know your situation up front than to except the job and call it quits and take the ED position. Honesty isn't always a bad thing. Good luck! I remember when i was trying to transfer OUT of the ED lol.
  5. by   cclash
    Honestly I don't understand why you would be nervous about anyone but your current manager being upset by you applying to two other departments. Obviously you want out of your current position.
    Assuming all things are equal, salary, shift preference, etc. you just need to decide which job you want. I would think about it this way, unless there is a seniority policy at your hospital, they have the choice of offering you the position, or interviewing more applicants. Were you offered t he job in MICU? Until you are facing the choice of both, I wouldn't think that you had to tell them.
    I hope you get the one that will make you happiest. I retired from the ED a year ago. I thought I had the best job in America, I hope whichever you choose, you feel that way too. Good luck. Let us know which you chose.