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  1. First let me say thanks for taking the time to read this and then hopefully for answering my question! I've noticed that several of the members here are former vet tech's and so I'm asking you for a little bit of advice.

    Let me begin by explaining that I always wanted to be a vet...I mean ever since I can remember. And now let's ignore the fact that I went on to college to pursue my BA in English because it would be easier. Anyway, here I am chalking that up to misspent youth and finishing up my pre requisites for nursing since I'm not happy with where that quick n' painless English degree got me. So now, before I make yet another misguided attempt at nailing down my future I will seek information from those that know! Why did you change from being a vet tech to nurse? The main reason I decided nursing over vet tech is because of the pay scale. Don't get me wrong...I like people...I just LOVE animals! I have very few if any doubts about my being a nurse. I'm just concerned that I may be overlooking becoming a vet tech for the wrong reasons. Do any of you regret making the change? If so, is the pay increase worth it? Or, am I way off base and does the pay have nothing to do with it? Thanks in advance for you advice! I really do appreciate it!

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  3. by   BadBird
    I truly believe that a person will be a success if they follow what they love. I do not know how much a vet tech makes so I can't answer on that level, and since I have allergies to cats I could never work as one, I do love animals though and sometimes feel that animals are better than people. Did you ever consider volunteering at a local animal shelter?