Question for an assignment: Why did you become a nurse?

  1. Hi! I posted this question in the nursing student assistance forum but haven't gotten any responses. Thanks!


    We're doing presentations in our Trends and Issues class, and my group is discussing why people want to be nurses, among other things. So, would you mind asking the question "Why did you become a nurse?"


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  3. by   stlnurse
    I always loved science and courses like psychology. I always knew I wanted to do something related to the sciences. I volunteered two summers at St. Louis Children's Hospital, in the areas of transporting and an oncology lab killing/dissecting mice! Needless to say, I was bored in the lab, and saw what nurses do and enjoyed patient contact. My father encouraged me to visit several nursing programs in St. Louis and I decided to go that route. I am a male RN with 20 years experience now.
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    Go under the general nursing discussions and there is an extensive posting on this very topic by Brian, the website administrator. I think it will be helpful for your project.
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    Thanks! To both of you!

  6. by   TexasCCRN
    COMFORTABLE CLOTHES, COMFY SHOES! Time off is good. I like another poster always enjoyed biology, etc. Was not focused enough when I was young to go to med school. Now doing CRNA and glad things worked out the way they did.
  7. by   CoffeeRTC
    My mom is a nurse..lpn. Sister started nursing school 2 yrs before me. There was a nursing shortage back in the 90s....teaching wasn't really easy to get into. I applied to Pitt for nursing (only school I applied to).....the rest is history.

    I love being a nurse.
  8. by   Liliana98
    Because I wanted to help people and also I loved to learn about the human body and disease processes. I have to admit that I also considered the job market and if I will be able to find a job and keep it...