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  1. Hi! I am interested in becoming a nurse after I graduate highschool (I am going to be a Jr this year). And this year I am in the Honors Society, and as a requirement, we must do volunteer work. I want to volunteer in a hospital, or something medical related, since that's what I want to do anyway. How do I go about volunteering in a hospital? Like.. Who the heck do I call, etc?? Oh yeah.. And what exactly is Candy Striping? Ive heard of it before but not sure of what it is. If you can offer any info, I'd highly appreciate it!!

    God bless!!!!!
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  3. by   GPatty
    How about your local hospital's Human Resources department. Thay are usually the ones who do the hiring of people and they can lead you in the right direction.
    And #2...Candy Striping is teenage girls and/or boys who volunteer to deliver flowers to patients, take them magazines/books to read, help out the other volunteers, maybe fill water pitchers for patients, and do things such as this...
    Good Luck to you!
  4. by   adrienurse
    Nowadays, I think facilities are much more willing to give you an excellent experience when you are volunteering. Some have a Jr. Volunteer program that is linked with schools and offers exposure to a whole bunch of different areas. You should think about what your interests are. Do you like working with seniors, children? Are you interested in working in the gift shop? Ask around to your facilities in town (not limited to hospitals and inpatient care), and ask what they have to offer. When I volunteered, I was allowed to do a lot more than usual because I was going to be studying nursing.

    You go girl! Good luck, and thanks for the enthousiasm.
  5. by   researchrabbit
    You might also consider a nursing home. The residents LOVE volunteers...