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  1. hi. my fiance and i are graduating in february from an a.d.n. program. i snagged a job at phoenix children's hospital in the PICU. anyway, on to the question--my fiance and i want to travel after getting our feet wet--what do you recommend as far as areas for nursing (for him) that would be conducive to traveling together and what areas are in greatest demand? thanks in advance for your help.

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  3. by   Nursonegreat
    i dont know how it works now, but when i was a traveler, about 5 yrs ago....u had to have 1 yr experience in the area u wanted to travel. i think there was also a rule about having 6 mos in a specialty after before traveling in that specialty...i was a traveler in med surge and after a few yrs i wanted to branch out... but they wouldnt let me til i got 6 mos experience as a staff RN in that particular area before i could travel into the same. may be different now.
  4. by   NurseguyFL
    As far as I'm aware its no different now. Most travel assignments require that you have some experience in whatever specialty area you seek to work in. The reason is that the hospitals are paying a premium for your contract and they expect that you have some experience and require only a minimal amount of orientation.
  5. by   jamonit
    thanks for your replies. so, basically i'm in the PICU--i need about a year and a half prior to traveling, right?

    and then my fiance--what's a good specialty that he should look into (he's not sure what he wants to try yet) that would allow for compatible travel assignments--for instance, do you think he should do something in peds too?
  6. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Have you tried asking in the Travel Nurse Forum? They might be able to provide you with some experienced responses.

    Good luck!!
  7. by   jamonit
    thanks stacey. i should probably do that. i appreciate the general concensus replies as well.
  8. by   nursekatie22
    I have a friend who went right from school to travel nursing (which surprised me a little), but he loves it and it's working out great! Personally, I'm too much of a wuss for that!
  9. by   nursey74
    I am planning to travel to SE Michigan in the spring. Does anyone have experience with travel agencies that staff there?
  10. by   jamonit
    hey, stacey was right--the "travel nurse forum" is really great for recommendations and information. check it out. it answered tons of my questions.