question about timesheets

  1. Hello. I am a private duty nurse for a large company. We have these timesheets that clients have to sign(the nurses put the time and Then the client signs. If a client complains to an agency that i am always 5 minutes late, but yet she always signs it when i put down 100pm. Who should the bosses believe? if my timesheet says 1:00pm but yet she signs for it,does it boil down to who's right? I believe the family just wants to complain because i dont do laundry, so they are going to make up something,but of course higher ups would never believe me over the families word. btw,if i am late i put the correct time.
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  3. by   David13
    If the patient wants to complain about when you arrive at their home, it would seem like the time to do that would be when they are signing the time sheet. They could add a written comment and then sign it.

    If they sign it without doing so, then they are agreeing to the time that is written.
  4. by   nessa_5555
    If I were you, upon arriving to the clients home, I would call the office and state that you have arrived at the clients home so that there is proof that you are indeed on time. That way you have written proof from the time sheet and proof of an independant person.