Question about staffing in hospitals.

  1. Hello, how's your summer going?

    I'm a pre-nursing student who starts the nursing school in the fall. My acceptance letter will be sent by late May, but I'm sure I will be accpted.

    Even though I'm not a student nurse yet, I have been reading the nursing discussion board for nurses both in the U.S. and in the Korea. I've been here for two and half years, so my common sense about the hospital and nursing could be different comparing to others.

    I've read a book about the communication in the nursing context during this semester. The book explains about team nursing and functional nursing. I've read that a Korean nurse in the Korean hospital complains about functional nursing. She is a new graduate and starts to work in secondary hospital setting. She learned the advantage of team nursing in nursing school, but the hospital where she are working runs by functional nurisng. She should do all acting. There are acting nurses and charge nurses in Korean hospital. She means that the Korean hospital staffing is functional nursing.

    I know that there are huge differences between the nursing textbook and the real world. I think knowing the differences as much as possible makes me better prepared.

    What about the hospital staffing in the United States?

    I will have many questions during my study in nursing.
    This is the first question.

    Have a meaningful summer!
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  3. by   purplemania
    Can you be more specific? Are you referring to style, schedule, patient-nurse ratios, etc? We do not do team nursing in our facility, if that answers your question.