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i got an offer from an agency, they told me that should i decide to choose them to process my paper, iLL be earning with a rate of 24 dollars per hour, for 36hours per week duty. my question is will... Read More

  1. by   swatch007
    Quote from norhubez
    but somehow ill be earning more right? i mean 3 days of work a week, i dont just wanna stay home for the remaining days. or can you suggest something? thanks.
    Many people from different countries thought life here in the U.S. is easy. Here we work like a horse: fast-paced, overloaded with patients and family complaints, paperwork and many others. In spite of exhausted mind and body, we are expected to perform at the highest level. You could lose your license anytime if you are not careful --maybe in yours first 2 months of working here. Unlike in that country, patients and family members of your clients here are ready to sue for your mistake/s faster than you can blink. So yeah, you have to take a break to recharge your body and mind before you go back to work. I did not mention that you might not have time to use a restroom because you will be very busy. Soon you'll be burned out
    and regret coming here if you miss looking at the big picture other than $$$$.
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    Quote from aggieamy5
    Many doctors work such hours. My ER resident friend works 60 hours in a week, often working 5 12's in a row. I know of plastic surgeons who even more hours than this. When my father was in the ICU, many of his doctors including his PCP where often working 12 hr days. The PCP would not even get to my Dad until about 10pm at night. We asked him about his hours and he said he just puts in long days, getting to work still at 8 or 9am. He is an excellent doctor and my family loves him. For some people, I do not think that working these kinds of hours necessarily jeopordizes medical care. It seems like some posters have forgotten that countless doctors work these kinds of hours and I'm sure their jobs can be just as stressful and hard. I do agree that this is not for everyone. I could NEVER do this. I tire very easily!
    With all due respect, hasnt this subject been closed in a previous post from you???? I think that many nurses who have the EXPERIENCE and could comment on this from their own perspective know more about working these 12 hour shifts than your subjective view of OTHERS working this. I sure hope we are not stirring a new pot of trouble here!!!! By the way isnt this thread entitled "salary in the US"??????
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    We live in Corpus Christi, TX. A new grad here can expect to start off at $20/h and then move up to about $22/h in a year. If you are an experienced nurse from out of country $24/h sounds about right.

    Be aware, though, that if you are going through an international agency (I am referring specifically of some Philippine agencies) they are probably charging the hospital that you are working at about $45/h and you will not be eligible for raises through the hospital - more often than not, your paychecks are coming straight from your agency.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   aggieamy5
    I was just stating a well known fact about doctors and work. Many of the nurses here seem to forget this fact when people start discussing working many hours and medical care. I know this topic was not about this issue and I'm not trying to restir the pot. So...I will shut up now. I apologize for bringing this up!!
  5. by   sammyrn
    Here in Illinois at the facility I work the new grad starts out at $24.25, however, within a year new grads will be up to $27.50.(dayshift) There is one local hospital that pays RN's with 5 years experience $42.00/hr. Hope this helps.