Question about moving (husband in military).

  1. I just started nursing school (ADN) and now my husband decided to re-enlist in the Army. Don't get me wrong, I am very proud of him and support him completely. I just wonder when I do get my RN, how will it work with us moving a lot? Do you just apply to each new state for licensure or do you have to test again? Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks so much for this board. You guys are a credit to your profession!
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  3. by   kids
    You just apply for a license in you new state. Most states will want a sealed transcript from the school you graduated from and a sealed verification from your original state of licensure, the majority of the state I have check into moving to they want the transcript and verification sent directly to them from the issure. I don't know if you can still do it but when I took boards 11 years ago you could apply to and have your results sent to more than one state. That might be helpful if you know where you are likely to end up in the first couple of years after you graduate.

  4. by   P_RN
    One additional thing I thought of.

    There are a few states that are in a "compact" that is you can hold a license in one and work in all of them.

    There is reciprocity in many states.

    Here are sites with all the state boards of nursing.

    Do you know where he will be stationed? How long has he been out of the service? You might look at schools there in case you have to transfer before you graduate.

    I live near Ft. Jackson, SC and have worked with literally hundreds of mobile spouses. We also had many active duty nurses moonlighting with agencies.
  5. by   ianurse
    I have been in the same situation myself. I graduated school in one state, and took boards in the state where he was transferred to. The main thing about moving is when you move you need to make sure you place your license on inactive status, and follow each state's specific instructions. If you let your license lapse in one state, and he is later transferred back, you could end up taking boards again.