Question about hernia repair and Poss scar revision

  1. Hello,
    I have a question... A friend had an operation for an ulcer about 18 months ago and the incision was left open and packed until it healed over. It left about a12 inch by two inch wide scar on his abd. About 6 months ago we noticed the scar started getting sort of "soft" feeling... Now there is a slight protrusion from it. His doc said it was a hernia and he would need to have it repaired and that they could do scar revision to close up the scar quite a bit.
    This person uses their upper body a great deal so I am pretty sure that contributed to the hernia.
    My question is, this friend has put on a few pounds since his first surgery.
    Will they remove fat from around the area to keep the skin from being pulled too tight?
    What can he expect from the scar revision?
    I've never taken care of anyone who had this done...
    Thanks in advance!
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    Since the scar revision can be done by a plastics and the hernia repair also done at the same time I would suggest consulting a Plastics and a general and having a double procedure done. Insurance will cover both the surgeons due to the previous surgery. The extra pounds wont matter unless it is extensive. If a good general surgeon is there and you have seen how well his incisions look then a plastics may not be necessary but we often have a double procedure double surgeon work on these types. Its a simple procedure not miminizing the fact that every surgery has its risks but it is doable.
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    My brother had hernia surgery twice nursegoodguy. He had mesh put in the second time, his old scar removed as well as his entire belly button, and some fat because the surgeon said it would cause the area to bulge. He also told him to loose about 50 pounds.

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    Thanks for your replys!