question about HCT level and Lasix??

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    Today was my first pre-clinical day and I got my pt. and everything and my teacher asked me to look up why they are watching my pt. HCT level, well she just had a TKA and so I got that answer but what I don't understand is if the level goes below 25 they give 2 units of PRBC but b/t the units they give 10mg of Lasix. I can't find out anywhere why I am giving the lasix besides knowing the obvious of it flusing out fluid. Is that the right answer or is there something deeper that I am not seeing?? Is it because there is more hemoglobin and it's trying to flush out some of that, I have no idea!!

    Any info. would be so helpful!!!

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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    It's just to get rid of some of the fluid. Pure and simple. If she were really volume depleted as well as anemic, then she might not get the Lasix. If you're in an area where frequent CBCs are done, watch what happens to your patients' HCTs and HGBs when they're on routine diuretics. They'll bounce like rubber balls. If you cna't watch that, then observe someone who got a lot of crystalloid or colloid but not blood, without diuresis. Their HGB and HCT will drop significantly as their circulating volume expands. It's called dilutional anemia.