Quadriplegic and a colonoscopy. Help

  1. One of my clients is due for a colonoscopy. He is a quad. Now, Golitely works for many patients in 4 hours time. Anyone have different times, and, if possible, has anyone used it with a quad? Me? I've had pts. go for more than 4 hours, but mine are usually compromised in other ways. Never used it on a quad. Any tips? Times?
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  3. by   renerian
    I have done lots of quad care and lots of golite but never had to give it to a quad. I can say I feel very bad for the person who has to drink that but really has my total empathy if they are a quad.

  4. by   suzanne4
    I would definitely go for Fleet's Phospho Soda in this case, if at all possible.
    And this is with experience in working a Neuro-Trauma ICU and as working as the nurse in Endoscopy. You have one gallon of Go-Lytely to drink, and you won't be getting your patient up to the toilet, plus the electrolyte disturbances from the Go-Lytely that can occur. Much safer would be to give the Fleet's. Actually starting giving most of our patients the Fleet's. Much more humane, in my opinion, and experience.

    Good luck...............