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This is my first post so if I'm in the wrong place, please direct me to the proper forum. Is there anyone out there using the pyxis system for ALL med passes? If so, please tell me a little about... Read More

  1. by   FTell001
    Rebel.....if its the narcotic's lockup problem...
    I like that one.....but if you also get the BCMA one also ....and it may be called something else other then other companies make these.....then let me know what you think about passing ROUTINE meds via the BCMA method...
  2. by   Rosiern
    We have pyxis for all our med passes. It works well. We have a 40 bed unit, and the nurses have anywhere from 5 to 8 patients. We have 2 units on our floor. We take out med for 2 to 3 patients at a time. Our med schedules is on a 9,1,5,1, etc schedule some nurses start med passes at 8:00. So there is hardly a wait. It only takes a few minutes. It actually is better than using a med cart and sharing the med cart with other nurses. It takes the same amount of time to use the pyxis to get your meds as it is to take them out of your med cart if you were on unit dosing. It is a touch screen. After you sign in, you touch the screen over your pt's name, all his meds that on in his profile come up. You then touch the screen over the meds that you need for that time and pt. It is frustrating in the beginning, but after awhile, it's not so bad. Like the others said, if a pt needs something right away, you can get it in override, you don't have to wait for pharmacy to bring it up to you. You can check to see if a pt had already recieved a med, fix descrepancies easy, no narcotic counts. It's really not so bad.