Pt's Complaint? Warranted or not? - page 2

I work in a 6 bed general ICU at a small hospital. Our rooms are all private with glass doors that are able to slide open. For the most part the doors to all pt rooms stay open . It's easier to... Read More

  1. by   misscece
    Please don't spend another minute worrying about this patient and their complaint. Are you kidding me? If I had even one penny for every ridiculous complaint I've heard in my unit I could retire happily. How nice it would be to tell these folks what I really think (and at times I do in an off-handed manner). My opinion is that hospitals have lost their minds on this whole patient satisfaction thing. Don't get me wrong - of course we want our patients to be safe, happy and comfortable and we, as nurses, should not be allowed to be unprofessional in dealing with them or their family members. BUT...this is not a restaurant and my job is not to appease a patient's every whim - especially when that patient is especially and apparently difficult. I have found that if you really "lay down the law" with patients while remaining completely professional, they usually respond more realistically. Just don't beat yourself up over this issue or lose any more sleep over it.
  2. by   Antikigirl
    Oh Lordie b! People will complain about anything! I wouldn't let it get to you...heck, I have had complaints about me not shutting a door, or shutting it! I typically ask folks during the assessment time as I leave if they like their door open or shut and put a note on the door...can you tell I have had that complaint before??? LOL!

    I work now on a partial tele floor and I can not tell you how many people complain about the alarm sound (sounds like a cookoo). Not like we can turn that off! So typically I explain to them they are not in a hotel, they are in a hospital that runs 24/7 and if they were the ones with a monitor they sure as heck hope we hear that alarm!

    I have also had complaint pointed at me for everything from too much starch in the sheets, to cold food (like that is my department???). I even had a lady complain that the picture of a lovely garden scene in her room was too 'cheery' for a hospital, and the paint job in the room was all wrong! MY GOODNESS!!!! Took a lot of strength not to laugh at her on that one! "what...can I bump up your bill so I can have an interior decorator come in and make it all better????" Sheesh!
  3. by   PANurseRN1
    I have to admit that I was irritated that the nurses always left the door open when I was in the hospital. I'd get OOB, shut the door, then someone would come in, walk out and leave the door open. I'd get up, close the door, and the cycle would repeat. I did state that I preferred the door to be closed but that never seemed to register with anyone. I wasn't in ICU, so it didn't need to be open for a "safety issue."

    I did not complain to the supervisor, though. There were some really serious care issues I could have complained about, but I didn't.