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I am a new grad working at a longterm care TCU. I found one patient with MRSA in sputum walking in the hallway without mask. He even eats at the same table with other patients. I asked the... Read More

  1. by   RNfaster
    Quote from canned_bread
    However, I used to work in a long term care facility, and they would not have isolated him unless it was an active infection. After all, 70% of the normal population has MRSA on them!
    Not sure where you are getting that statistic.

    MRSA infection: Causes -
    "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less than 2 percent of the population carries the type of staph bacteria known as MRSA."

    Statistics | MRSA Survivors Network
    "In a 2003-04 study, approximately 29% of the US population was colonized with staph. aureus and 1.5% with MRSA. But studies from hospitals that are conducting universal screening upon admission of all patients have seen colonization of MRSA as high as 12%.
    MRSA infections and colonization has steadily increased over the years and in 1974. 2% of all staph. aureus infections were MRSA, 22% in 1995 and in 2004 it was 64% with an estimate of over 70% of all staph is now MRSA. In the community, it is estimated that 60% of all skin and soft tissue infections that doctors treat are MRSA infections."
    <My comment: It would be nice if the site would source the study data...>

    Further comments from me:
    Perhaps the 70 percent comes from "70% of all staph is now MRSA" as listed above --BUT that does not equal 70 percent of the population has MRSA. Please read carefully.

    Hand hygiene and compliance with infection control practices are important. I have noticed some say it (infection control practices, hand hygiene) doesn't matter as most of us are colonized. It's important to know the facts. Evidence suggests that most of us are not colonized --with staph or MRSA.
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    Quote from unsaint77
    So, here is my question to those of you who think MRSA is not a big deal. Would you let your elderly parents or your babies or children sit at a dinner table with someone with mrsa in sputum with no mask?
    There's a good chance you have MRSA in your nares at least. Will you be eating in the garage or basement at home? Or wearing a mask all day?
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    Quote from rngolfer53
    There's a good chance you have MRSA in your nares at least. Will you be eating in the garage or basement at home? Or wearing a mask all day?
    But there isn't really a "good chance" that most of us healthcare workers have nares colonized with MRSA. The data does not support it.

    If one is colonized in the nares - Bactroban ointment would be a great option. Hibiclens for the body...some doctors also suggest Dial soap as a routine soap for folks with MRSA. And while one is colonized, good idea to pay attention to hand/body hygiene and household cleaning/laundering...

    I like the image you put out rngolfer53 - made me laugh. Thanks!