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hi. i'm a nurse tech at a cardiac hospital. yesterday, a pt, 50 years old, was transferred from icu to our unit post cabg three days ago. the pt is ao x3, but i saw him getting out of bed with his... Read More

  1. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from ruby vee
    a 50 year old cabg patient is a "younger" patient, not and "older patient"! !
    sorry ruby! i didn't look at this actual pts age when i posted! i'm used to our cabg pts being in their 70s~
  2. by   hollyberry678
    This is interesting, I had been wondering why it seemed like some of the LVAD pts on our unit seem so disoriented after their LVADS are placed...they can go from being A&O to needing a sitter for quite a while.
  3. by   muffie
    other co-morbidity factors ?

    social habits ?

    pump head ?



    lack of sleep

    room changes


  4. by   Spatialized
    Pump head? I like it. Haven't heard that one!
    2 that jumped out at me were anoxia or ETOH. How about irregular rhythms? I know our docs liberally prescribe metoprolol post-op that even with holding orders sometimes those HRs get a little low.
    Usually goes away in a day or two. If not start thinking other things...