pt care per acuity

  1. "I manage a 32 bed tele unit. Our ratio is 5/6:1 on the day shift and 6/7:1 on the night shift. We average 9 admissions a day, have multiple drips (cardizem, integrillin, aggrastat, repapro, tridil, amiodarone, dobutrex, dopamine, etc.)
    Out patient population is post-stent/PTCA, post PPM/ICD, MI, arrythmias, syncope, etc. Some days the ratio is adequate, other days it is not, due to the acuity of the patients."

    Does anyone else think this pt ratio is insane? Seems like most of these patients would be in the ICU 10 years ago. I was blown away- but am I naive?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Nope. Ten years ago many of the patients on the floor would be in the unit. A cardizen drip for instance automatically bought a unit bed. Now our PCU unit and our Neuro intermediate unit hangs them all of the time.

    We are opening up on Monday a new wing to accommodate vent patients that aren't critical. Time was, ANY vented patient was critical.

    Patients are sicker and the nurses are taking care of more of them. We just got a new Vice President of Nursing that is actually supportive of high acuity times. If we say we need extra staff, even if it puts us over budget it's o.k. I'm just flabbergasted when I ask for extra help and they say "yes" (if they have them to give).

    I think VP and upper management are realizing it's a nurse retention issue and a patient safety issue. (You think?)