psycho RN for a CNA instructor - page 2

:( I seriuosly think this woman is psychotic. She is either overworked and has no biznezz teaching this class or she has some form of expressive aphasia. She has taught us mixed up terminology and... Read More

  1. by   mark_LD_RN
    hey reddgott hang in there and you need to report the instructor to the dean. if it is like you say that the whole class is missing things r/t her misinformation it needs to be addressed . i would do it in a non confrontational manner and not all at one time as it might be seen as a gang up on her tactic.

    we a required to do a test item analysis on all questions , if nearly everyone misses a certain question it is thrown out . as obviously if that many missed it it was either not taught or not taught well enough which either case is the instructors fault.
  2. by   sjoe
    reddgott: I completely agree with Mark. If you don't start standing up for yourself in nursing school (where YOU are paying the bills and YOU pay the instructors' salaries), it will be even harder for you to stand up for yourself at work (where THEY pay YOU).

    Remember the motto:
  3. by   reddgott
    UPDATE: the question was thrown out, due to excessive P&M(pissing and moaning). A few under the breath comments went well noticed. I only have her untill 12-18-02 so I can skip passed her real smooth I appreciate all the good advice and maybe our episode will be a wake up call for her to take it easy on the oxycontin before class.:chuckle
  4. by   mare-mare
    My CNA class got our instructer fired... She did all the things you complained about and much more!
    My advice, do the best you can and read the book!! Oh and go to someone above her head, the whole class... they will listen.