Protecting your licensure

  1. I found this ceu course online and not that I'm promoting taking the course but I found it to be very interesting reading as the entire content is posted. Very informative and something I feel every nurse or nurse to be should read. In my time on trolling around reading I see various post that arise regarding either protecting one's license or someone already in fear of loosing thier nursing licensure due to an allegation whether it be true or false. I honestly dont believe most of us have any idea of just how fragile our licensure's are. Anyway if you get time take a read

    Protect Yourself! Defending Your License to Practice - online CE course for nurses, EMTs, paramedics, occupational and physical therapists - Wild Iris Medical Education
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    thanks for bringing it to thread..printed it out to read...lots of paper, i will be supersmart when i get finished