Professional Performance in Nursing

  1. What is Professional performance in nursing ? How many components ? What is the most essencial matter?
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    Could you elaborate a little more? This is an awfully vague question.
  4. by   katscan
    Don't know what you are asking. As the above poster says, this is extrememly vague. and what do you mean by the "essential matter"?
  5. by   Wiroon Boonnuch
    Professional performances in nursing are 1. Theory aspect[ use , development ,evaluate] 2. Research & publication Aspect 3 Ethic , code for nurses 4. self- development 5 . Ouality of care service 7.Autonomy in nursing 8 .Resource Utility & management 9. Organization participation 10 ....... 11.......
    I wonder what is the most importance = essential matter or substanciate aspect . SOS SOS From WIROON
  6. by   Wiroon Boonnuch
    Nurse -Lou and Catscan , Can u Help about The Professional Performance of nurses ? ,are they nearly the professionalism in nursing ? SOS From WIROON
  7. by   RNforLongTime

    Have you checked out the American Nursing Association's (ANA) website? It's . I think that they'd be able to better answer your question.

    I am a staff nurse who works in an ICU in a hospital. From the list you have posted above, I'd have to say that #5, Quality of care is most improtant in a hospital type setting. I think that you need to consider what settings you are looking at .Each type of nursing is extremely different than the next. Again, I think that the ANA website would be most helpful to you. Good luck!
  8. by   Wiroon Boonnuch
    Dear Nurse-Lou
    Thank-you for your kindness
  9. by   Wiroon Boonnuch
    What do u think about professional performances? . Does every nurse must perform them ? .I think "they are the same aspests as professionalism.
  10. by   Wiroon Boonnuch
    I think the professional performance is one of the quality of professional in nursing if the professional performances are good that assume to be the high level of nursing care and of nursing performance . Are u agree with me ?