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  1. Hello! I am a student nurse writing a paper about the nursing profession. I would love any input from all you nurses out there on what it takes to be a professional nurse and what professional nursing means to you. Thank you!
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    Hi Fawn and welcome back to allnurses.
    I found this on the Colorado State University site:

    Description of the Profession
    Nurses make up the largest single group of health care professionals. There are four times as many nurses as there are physicians in the United States. Registered nurses (RNs) work to promote health, prevent disease, and help patients cope with illness. They are advocates and health educators for patients, families, and communities. When providing direct patient care, they observe, assess, and record symptoms, reactions, and progress; assist physicians during treatments and examinations; administer medications; and assist in convalescence and rehabilitation.
    I thought it was quite good.
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    This may or may not help, but here it goes.

    Most boards of nursing consider registered nurses to be professional nurses. Most boards of nursing consider licensed practical nurses to be basic nurses.
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    Regardless of LPN or RN status, we are all professionals.