Problem with recurring cellulitis

  1. I put this post on the med-surg forum but I didn't get much response. I'm hoping someone here can help. I was encouraged to put it here by the responses to the thread on eczema.

    I had a bad car wreck 5 years ago and suffered a comminuted fracture of the tibia and fibula. I've had two surgeries on this leg, and the doc told me I lost a lot of soft tissue. The ankle will swell slightly if I'm on my feet a lot.

    I had a bout of cellulitis in this leg a couple of years ago that resolved on its own. However, I've now had cellulitis for the 2nd time in 6 weeks. I'm on antibiotics but it's not clearing up as fast as it did a few weeks ago.

    I suggested to my doc the possibility that the cellulitis might be related to vascular insufficiency in the damaged leg. He didn't react much, but this worries me. I'll go back to see him in 10 days and I want to bring it up again. Do any of you have any personal or nursing experience with recurring cellulitis? If so, I would appreciate your input.
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  3. by   RaggedyRN
    Sorry, no experience with recurring cellulitis. Just thought I'd suggest a second opinion. Sounds like you are not satisfied with your current doc..try another. Good Luck to you!
  4. by   rach_nc_03
    I just got an email yesterday from a guy who had major surgery on his hip and had bouts of cellulitis for several weeks afterward. His doc told him it was, indeed, related to vascular damage, but it should clear up completely within a few months. Like you, i would be a little concerned that it's happening years down the road.

    Is the physician you talked to the one who did your surgeon? If not, you might want to consult an ortho/trauma surgeon or clinic about it.

    Sorry I can't be of much help- I hope you find some answers!
  5. by   blueberry21
    Sorry to hear your having this problem. You didnt mention what type of doctor is treating you for this. My husband had cellulitis a few years ago and his GP totally missed the dx. He prescribed topical creams, then a week later-oral antibiotics. Finally, my DH got a 2nd opinion from an infectious disease doc--who admitted him to the hospital for 3 days of IV antibiotics.

    A total of 2 weeks had lapsed before we got the 2nd opinion. When I called the Infectious disease doctor, they got my husband in right away because
    of the signs and symptoms he was having. Im afraid to think what would have happened if we didnt get a 2nd opinion.

    Good luck and keep us posted
  6. by   Elisheva
    Thanks for the replies.

    No, this was my regular GP. I saw the NP the first time, and just called in for a refill this time. I'll actually see the GP in 8 days or so. It's just that when I threw the idea of vascular stuff out there, no one bit. I'm trying to read up and see if that's a real possibility. If so, I'll ask for a consult with a vascular guy when I see the GP. I'd just like to have some feedback from nurses who have had real life experience with cellulitis.
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    i am sorry to hear of your problems however

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