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  1. Ive worked for this hospital as a floor nurse over 10 years,doing TA Head Nurse a few times and enjoying it.
    There will be a permanent Head Nurse position opening up and supervisory positions opening d/t retirement.
    I dont have a BSN,but Im interested in these positions and will apply.
    What will prepare me for them? For an interview and doing the job?,other than doing the job.
    There are Nursing Administration continuing ed.course put out by ANCC,$230.00, that I thought would help,covers learning theories,leadership styles,labor laws,union activity, budgeting,,motivation of employess etc.
    What you thinK?
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  3. by   fedupnurse
    I think if you follow your heart and remember where you came from, treat your staff fairly and roll up your sleves from time to time to show the staff you really do care, that you'll be a good manager.
    Keep your integrity, you'll be a great one.
    Good luck!
  4. by   jevans
    I'm the equivilant in the UK
    Don't forget to use the net plenty of oportunities here.
    Nancy is right don't ask anyone to do a job unless you 're prepared to do it yourself. Always lead by example and others will follow. Motivation is mainly due to respect for yourself your colleaques and for the task in hand. People have to see that it will benifit them or their patients.
    Don't mend it if it ain't broke or reinvent the wheel
    Good Luck and Best wishes
  5. by   MollyJ
    Mentally play with the question, "would I be willing to return for my BSN?" That way if it comes up at interview, you won't be surprised.

    BSN articulation programs are getting pretty reasonable but I don't know that I would want to undertake one while coping with the stress of learning a new job role.
  6. by   ohbet
    Thanks for the replies so far.Lead by example,will do. BSN?...doubt it,mucho dinero,2 young children and the "stress of learning a new job role."
    However I may buy those tapes by ANCC,perhaps they may help.
  7. by   Agnus
    It is hard to know what is covered in a CE class sometimes and certainly hard to tell how well it is covered.
    I recomend the following two books:
    Sullivan, Eleanor J., Decker, Phillip J. (2001) Effective Leadership and management in nursing (5th ed) Prentic Hall ISBN 0-8053-2833-5
    Cherry, Barbara, Jacob, Susan R. (1999) Contemorary nursing issues, trends, & management, Mosby ISBN 0-323-00248-X

    Gootnick, Margaret M., Gootnick, David (2002) Action tools for effective mananagers a guide for solving day-to-day problems on the job ISBN 0-8144-7029-7

    A few other titles Managing Up this is how to handle those over YOU
    How to work a room
    Supervisor's protable answer book
    Things your mother never told you

    I'd suggest joining Toastmasters International Type in Toastmasters International key worked in any search engine. Go to their main site and search for a club near you
    TM offers a LOT of leadership education as well as communication education and most of it is free or realtively free. When you get to your club find the education officer and find out about these.

    It is the BEST money you will ever invest in developing yourself professionally for this position.

    Ther are many management seminars out there that are very expensive and sometimes do not deliver as much or as well as toatsmasters.

    For starters get the 2 nursing books I mentioned and get to TM. There are tons of general management books courses and seminars completete with CE but these can come later.
    By the way TM is a real plus on any resume. As you acomplish growth in TM they notify your employer (if you want) to let them know what you have acomplished. This often leads to promotions raises etc. (REALLY)
    I hope the moderators don't feel I have overstepped some boundry here talking up TM it is totally a non profit educational organization. I gain nothing by telling you about it.

    P. S. the first two books I mentioned cover all the areas you mentioned They were suprisingly inexpensive for nursing texts but I don't remember the exact cost. Both together are well under $100
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  8. by   ohbet
    thanks agnus