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  1. Has anyone dealt with Premier Consultant Comp? Our hospital has hired this company to "suggest changes" to help the hospital. Right now, they have started remodeling. However, they have suggested layoffs in all areas. We have 3 hospitals and 17 clinics that give care to a mostly indigent population. The layoffs they are suggesting will close our clinics and one hospital. This means that these people will have to go somewhere and THAT means they will come to the EC, level one trauma, for their med refills, clogging up the system. On top of this, we already have to layoff 13 positions in the EC, decreasing the nurses from 16 to 7-10, getting rid of clerks and NA! This is not just a proposal, it has now been decreed . We already have to hire agency to keep up with the volume of patients. The hospital just this spring spent over one million dollars on recruitment. I am furious!! In a nation wide shortage of nurses, we are laying off. Their new vision is to improve patient satisfaction and community health care. DUH! We only had 7-10 nurses last summer and it was a nightmare! Experienced nurses let in record numbers, patient complaints went up, so they decided they better start that million dollar recruitment campaign. We feared for our licenses last year, and I know the nurses will not take this. As a manager, they want us to decide who is to go. I can not do this in good conscience to us. I also know that after I do this, my position is next........

    Mainly venting, but would like to know if anyone has dealt with this company? Any suggestions? We can't just walk out - our population of patients will definetely suffer. Media???? I'm not allowed, but trying to figure out how to "leak" it, heh heh.
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    Is this the same group as

    We didn't have them but one very similar to what you describe.

    Do you get the Press-Gainey satisfaction surveys?
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    Originally posted by jimminy
    Media???? I'm not allowed, but trying to figure out how to "leak" it, heh heh.
    Go for it. To many institutions are getting away with this crap!
    Contact the Editor of your (biggest) local newspaper-explain your situation. They have to protect your confidentiality. Send them stuff via an "annon" email-hotmail, excite, yahoo. Better yet, if you can send them memos without giving yourself away so much better-adds credibility. Don't know if it is legal and from a management stand point I'm sure it is unethical...but sometimes the ends do justify the means.

    Good luck
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    I see you are in western WA...would you be talking about that hospital in NW WA (maybe with a 'nordic' name) or are you refering to a more SW location-that is trying to get the certificate of need from DSHS to expand (and prevent a Portland, OR hospital from building here and opening a PICU/NICU-which this SW hospital does not have nor plans to add)?