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I'm wondering when you really are not supposed to lift when pregnant? I'm sure I was quite careful with my first, but the reality of hauling a toddler around while pregnant with the second made me... Read More

  1. by   Meriwhen
    OP: generally, employers have to treat pregnant women the same way they treat any other short-term disability and make the necessary accomodations. However, pregnancy (or short-term disability) doesn't protect you from being fired for poor performance if your employer can prove that they'd fire someone who wasn't pregnant/disabled for the same poor performance. For example, if you spend more of your time at work in the bathroom throwing up due to morning sickness and not getting your work done, you can get fired for poor performance.

    So your nurse colleague who is refusing to lift anything more than a chart may find herself without a job--and legally so...especially if she doesn't have any medical support (i.e., doctor's restrictions) to back her up. She should contact her doctor, then her HR department.