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My manager told me that I'm going to be Precepting a nursing student next month on their internship and I'm really excited! I love teaching and this time last year I was the nursing student on... Read More

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    How independent you allow the student to be depends on a lot of things. How is the student progressing? What does his/her school expect of him/her? Always remember that the student is working under YOUR license. I precepted a senior nursing student last semester and her school (my alma mater) expects students to be 'independent' at managing a full assignment by the end of the semester. Now, keep in mind, this senior practicum was 120 hrs long... the equivalent of 3 weeks of full time employment. Don't know any new grad that would be independent after 10 12 hr shifts. I allowed my student do do all assessments, chart everything and write notes but I checked and double-checked EVERYTHING. At my institution, the students can log in and chart their own assessments but it has to be verified by the supervising RN.
    I know this thread is old, hoping KelRN215 is still reading! Advice from anyone else would be appreciated as well. I am nervous, I want to do him justice.

    I started yesterday with my student and his preceptorship is 120 hours as well. I am just wondering, when did your student start taking patients independently (well as independent as a student can be) because with such a short time frame I am nervous. Saturday will be day 2 and I would love to start him with one patient. Is this too early? I figure if he is going to be taking my full assignment (5 patients) he should start now!