Pre-testing question

  1. Not sure if this is right forum so please don't holler at me... :uhoh21: We are trying to start an LPN program and are trying to determine the right entrance testing procedure. So far the choices are:

    1. ATI-Assesment Technologie ??
    2. HESI
    3. NAT- Nurse Admission Test

    From what I heard, HESI may ask questions related to nursing and I don't see how this would be applicable to someone without a mmedical background.

    ANY comments, suggestions or experience would help. Also, if this belongs in another forum, I'm sorry.

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  3. by   midcom
    At my schoool we took the NET (not NAT) at orientation so that the teachers would know where we stand skillwise. It didn't determine admittance. However, we had to take the Wonderlic test just to be considered for acceptance & had to pass with a score of 20 or 22, I think. I took it once before & knew that that score was not difficult to reach.

    Have you been in contact with the Illinoise Board of Nursing? Our program is very new & I know that the school & department heads had to work very closely with the BON to get up & running. They do determine if you will be accreditited, you know and there are lots of hoops to jump through before a new program can get accredited. My school isn't yet but they just graduated their first 2 classes. It usually takes a couple years to meet all the requirements.
  4. by   PurrRN
    I took the NET for my school.
  5. by   nurseguinness
    We took the NET at my school but a friend of mine took the HESI for an admission test to her nursing school. But she said it wasn't really nursing questions like it would be when you are exiting nursing school. It is just the name of the test company she said it was much like the NET. Hope that helps.
  6. by   shock-me-sane
    I had to take ATI. It seemed similar to a high school equivalency exam. We have to continue to take their tests each quarter and I hate it (because the scores are integrated into our grades). But overall it isn't bad, just expensive.