1. Has anyone here took there pre-reqs while a senior in high school? If so did you get financial aid or loans or what?

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  3. by   ERGirl83
    I didn't do it for nursing school, but I did take college courses during my senior year of high school (instead of my regular hs classes), and it was FREE. In Ohio, it was called "Post Secondary Enrollment Options," and here in Utah, it's called "Concurrent Enrollment."

    If I were you, I'd contact my guidance counselor and find out about programs in my area...I got 23 hours of college credit during my senior year, tuition and books were free.
  4. by   MCKT8
    I didn't take pre- reqs while i was in high school but i graduated high school a semester early and I still had to get financial aid, but other kids that took classes while still in high school also had to pay for it. Although some classes in high school count for college credit like college algebra~
    I'm taking my pre-reqs for my BSN now...I just HOPE i get into Nursing school!!

  5. by   FutureNurseSaga
    I have actually been doing that. I am currently a senior. I started last year with AP classes (where you take a college-level class in your high school taught by high school teachers then at the end of the year take the AP exams and depending on your score is whether or not you get college credit). Last year I took AP Psychology and AP Spanish Language, I got a 4 on both exams and therefore got 9 college credits; AP psychology counts toward the general psychology class and AP Spanish counts toward the required Humanities credits.

    Then over the summer I took Intro to Human Communication, Personal Fitness, and Spanish I at a community college.

    And now I am taking AP English, AP Statistics, and AP Biology.

    I plan to have a half-day schedule next semester and take college algebra and en101 at a community college.

    I am already a semester ahead in my pre-req if I had started earlier I would be done with them, but oh well.

    Good-luck by the way I live in MD so things may be a bit different here, you should talk to your counselor to see what type of programs are offered. But you should be able to take classes at a community college.

    And no I did not receive any financial aid because I don't have my high school diploma.