Prayers for my fellow Floridians..

  1. I'm not a prayer, but this school shooting in Parkland hit too close to home...with my family and thank you to any nurses working in the surrounding hospitals to help.

    No real words. Not safe anywhere anymore. This is not the world I grew up in as a kid..
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  3. by   Horseshoe
    It's sickening. Horrifying. Infuriating. Heart wrenching.

    I actually can't think of the proper words.
  4. by   BCgradnurse
    There are no proper words. I think this country is beyond hope in this matter. It's a tragic day when we love our guns more than our children.
  5. by   wannabeny
    I'm so upset anytime any of this happens and today to hear of a school shooting in Parkland knowing my
    young nieces and nephews live right next to it..there are so many words I could use and they really don't amount
    to how horrible this is. I agree with you that we are beyond hope with this issue on guns and mental health...
  6. by   SaltySarcasticSally
    I remember being in 5th grade the day Columbine happened. I was scared to go to school for the first time after that.
    Fast forward some 15 years later, I held my two sleeping toddlers while I was sobbing, watching the Sandy Hook coverage. I was terrified because my oldest started school that next fall.

    I cried again today watching and I'm sure it won't be the last time.

    2/3 of my kids are in school now. One conversation my husband and I have with our kids is about what to do if this happens. It's watered down of course, I want to keep them innocent for as long as possible, which is becoming impossible in this country. But, still, we tell them to hide, listen to the teachers, but run if there is no where to hide.
    All things they cover in their twice yearly "unwelcome person" drill, they start these drills in kindergarten now. It's so messed up.

    I'm so sick of kids dying. I'm so sick of our country valuing the right to own a semi automatic rifle vs the right of a child to live. I'm so sick of us turning a blind eye after 24 hours of thoughts, prayers, and Facebook candles. And I'm super sick of all these politicians, regardless of party, who don't give a crap about people like us or our children.