Post Polio Syndrome

  1. Help! A dear friend and nursing colleague has post polio syndrome and has found it difficult to breathe at times. She is desperately afraid of the need for an iron lung, and has in fact, told me she'd rather die than go back in one. (She was in one when she first contracted polio at 4 yrs of age back in the 1950's)
    Awhile ago, I recall reading an article about a jacket that is worn by the patient and it performs the same function as an iron lung, but I can no longer find the article and cannot recall the name of it. Anyone? Thanks!
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  3. by   babsRN sorry to hear about your friend. I recall a negative pressure type vest worn by some post polio suferers back in the 80's when I worked on the East coast in ICU/CCU areas. They resembled a Turtle shell, and that's how we referred to them in the units when patients would come in with them. I don't know the offical name for them tho. Perhaps this description will jarr some memories from other old nurses like me out there.
    Best of luck in your quest to help...
  4. by   outbackannie
    Yes, that's what I'm talking about! Were they easy to wear?
  5. by   CelticNurse
    Are we taliking about Cuirass ventilatory therapy, here?
  6. by   outbackannie
    That name does sound familiar! I was reading an article written about a gentleman in Great Britain was was the oldest polio survivor and he was shown wearing one of those devices, but when I tried to find the article online again the page had been moved. Do you know anything about them?
  7. by   CelticNurse
    We used to use one on an ICU that I worked on. We didn't use it all that often but, I'm told that they are making are resurgence in certain quarters.

    I have yet to see it myself. If I come up with anything I will let you know.
  8. by   P_RN

    Your friend needs to get in touch with PPS people. Has she checked into any of the support groups offered by Easter Seals?

    My friend w/ PPS gets by at night with a CPAP, however, she has had to start using a wheelchair because her shoulders can no longer support her weight on crutches. She is 50 years post polio.

    Knowledge is power. I know she is afraid. WIsh her good luck for us.
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    This is a site in Tucson.
  10. by   outbackannie
    Thanks! I sincerely appreciate all the help!